Date                              Event                                                   Location

Friday, March 13 @ 7:30PM                 Solidarity Concert For Unist'ot'en                                         Massey Theatre, New Westminister

Friday, Feb 7 @ 7:00PM                       Town Square Dinner and Music                                            The Town Square, Pemberton BC

Sunday, June 21 @ 12:00PM                Indigenous Day Celebration                                                  SLCC, Whistler BC

Sunday, July12 @ 12:00PM                   Two Rivers Remix Festival                                                     Main Stage, Lytton BC

Friday, Jan. 24, 8:00PM                         Mens Retreat Family Dance                                                  T'i'tqet Hall, Lillooet BC

Saturday, March 9 2019                       Taking a Stand to Protect The Land                                     National Space, Vancouver BC